Lemon Cake

Lemon Cake marijuana is a sativa-dominant hybrid that is a brilliant cross between Cheese and Lemon Skunk. Heavyweight Seeds created the strain with the goal of creating the most strong strain possible while still tasting delicious. In fact, Lemon Cake is frequently referred to as a ‘dankenstein’ strain, meaning that it is a cross of at least two extremely potent strains. Analytical 360, a cannabis testing company, has estimated Lemon Cake’s potency to be between 12 and a staggering 25%, with a 70/30 sativa dominant bud.




Some users believe Lemon Cake is the ideal Wake and Bake plant, but due to it’s intensity, it should be used with caution if it’s your bud of choice in the morning. As long as you use a reasonable dosage, you should experience a clear-headed high and a burst of energy that gets you moving shortly after waking up. If it provides you a lift, you could try substituting it for your morning cup of coffee. Smokers will see an increase in motivation and mental abilities. Such a cerebral mentality can be useful for focusing on difficult work responsibilities or as a delightful addition to otherwise dull routines like housekeeping. The initial high gives you a sensation of happiness as well as focus and energy. Some users have reported an increase in creativity after using this strain, therefore it may be beneficial to writers and painters. You may feel the affects of Lemon Cake in your body as well, but this should not slow you down.


Lemon Cake stands out with a vibrant citrus aroma that is balanced by a tang that may remind some users of one of it’s parent strains, Cheese. There’s also an underlying scent with obvious skunk smells, and grinding up the bud multiplies the skunk fumes tenfold. This smoke may have a surprisingly herbaceous flavour on the exhale. Those who smoke in public should be aware that this can be a highly pungent bud; after all, Skunk can be found on both sides of its genealogy.

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