Purple Diesel

Purple Diesel is a beautiful blend of Sour Diesel and Pre-98 Bubba Kush. The problem lies in determining the identities of the original breeders. The majority of potheads agree that the Cali Connection made the best version of Purple Diesel, which is the one we’re looking at. However, there are many different variations of this pungent strain on the market today. Generally, Purple Diesel is a 70/30 sativa-dominant strain and ranges between 18-21% THC.




Purple Diesel has an uplifting high that gives you a rush of energy. Because of the euphoria it produces, it may be appropriate if you need something to perk you up after a difficult day. Purple Diesel can also temporarily increase your creativity and productivity. It gives you a body high that relieves tension and allows you to properly unwind after that 8 hour work day. Purple Diesel is a respectable option as a daytime strain as long as it is used responsibly. Some individuals also claim to have experienced a considerable increase in appetite. Smokers with a low THC tolerance and those who overindulge, on the other hand, may discover that this strain puts them right to sleep.


Given the fuel fragrance, it’s simple to discern that this strain contains Diesel genetics. There may be subtle notes of lavender, grapes, or berries as well. However, after the buds are ground, the diesel stench completely takes over. When it comes to flavour, it’s all about the diesel once again. On the inhale and exhale, you should expect a very powerful gasoline taste. As a result, Purple Diesel is a highly specialized flavour. You may also detect hints of delicious berries and fresh flowers, however minute.

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