Lucky Charms

Bodhi Seeds’ Lucky Charms is a well-balanced hybrid, 50% sativa and 50% indica, and comes in at an average of 20% THC. This strain is a cross between The White, a potent and powerful indica, and Appalachia, a slightly sativa-dominant hybrid. Because it is named after a popular children’s breakfast cereal, many people believe it is less potent than it is. But make no mistake: Lucky Charms marijuana is a typical ‘creeper’ strain. As a result, its effects take a little longer to become apparent than those of other cannabis strains. This review will tell you what to expect when you take a seat with your own ‘bowl’ of Lucky Charms marijuana.




Lucky Charms delivers a one-two punch of effects, relaxing smokers while enhancing their thought patterns. Smokers may eventually realize that their ideas become rapid and freely wandering. This sense of mind-race can make the uninformed feel a little out of control. However, in the correct combination and situation, Lucky Charms can quiet mental stress and static while instilling physical peace; muscular tension may dissolve as deep breathing becomes effortless. The sativa effects of the strain can also cause sensory warping, such as visual or auditory distortions, providing for an unusually surreal experience. With enough intent, Lucky Charms enables the user to concentrate on whatever work at hand, whether freewheeling and creative or strict and analytical. However, when time passes or dosage is raised, the strain’s mild physical drowsiness deepens, making it ideal for unwinding after a long day or week.


When properly cured, Lucky Charms flowers have a sweet and fragrant perfume with hints of berry. The buds also feature undertones of dank soil and fresh pine on closer inspection. Grinding heightens the earthy, hashy aroma, which may be attributable to the Afghani in the parent strain Appalachia’s background. Lucky Charms produces a strong smoke when used in a pipe or a joint, which may cause coughing or wet eyes. Despite its roughness, the exhale of this smoke boasts mild citrus and floral notes.

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