orange crush

Orange Crush

Orange Crush is known for its wonderful rustic aroma and citrus flavor. Developed in the spirit of the BC Growers Association, this Sativa-dominated strain produces a powerful brain high. For experienced users, the effect is commonly described as a positive and uplifting energy that stimulates creativity.

All About Orange Crush

Some people find stress increases anxiety but instead find chronic stress, anxiety, and nervousness relief usually caused by depression-related disorders and PTSD. The ability of Orange Crush to increase the production of dopamine, a chemical that induces well-being, is used to prevent the effects of chronic depression.

This strain is also literally used to help people from chronic pain. People who suffer from nausea and migraines also choose this to manage their discomfort. The Orange Crush is a descendant of the legendary California oranges and blueberries. This strain can grow in the dark (but not less than 25-30 watts). This, coupled with the fact that growing this strain is relatively easy, makes it an ideal choice for new growers on tight budgets and schedules. Orange crush rarely breaks 140 centimeters and finishes its flowering period in about 55 days.

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