Orange Diesel Cannabis Strain

Orange Diesel

Appropriately named for its vibrant color and tart orange flavor, Orange Diesel draws the best of both parents into one bud. TGA Seeds developed this beauty by combining Sour Diesel and Agent Orange, two longtime favorites, to create this well-balanced 60/40 Sativa-dominant strain.

Though it goes by many names, Orange Diesel, Agent D, or Sour Orange Diesel, one thing is sure: it did not get any of its terms for no reason. This bright green bud is covered in orange hairs and long sticky trichomes and boasts a prominent flavor of, you guessed it, orange and diesel. With THC levels ranging from 14% to 16%, this strain gives users a consistently strong kick that mirrors its tart flavors.

All About Orange Diesel


This high is often buzzy, giving users prolonged energy and sharpened focus. After just one hit, you`ll immediately feel uplifted and motivated. This is a talkative bud and will get most users in the mood to collaborate with friends, be it over drinks or artistic endeavors. You can expect complete body relaxation on the comedown as you become less talkative but stay razor-sharp in your projects.

Chronic fatigue, depression, and stress stand no chance against this beauty. If you have trouble focusing or suffer from ADHD or dyslexia, you can find smooth relief from many of the symptoms with Orange Diesel. If the effects of this plant didn`t win you over, the ease of growing it will. This plant proliferates from seeds and breeds indoors and outdoors. This strain is popular with novice growers with above average yields and sweet citrus flavors. The flowering time of the plant is seven weeks and nine weeks.

No matter what you call it, this marijuana strain is a winner for those who want to accomplish a lot throughout their day. Orange Diesel is a fascinating and energetic tension that brings the people suffering from fatigue to life, brings out the social side of the user, and is an excellent tension for those suffering from depression.

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