Despite the fact that the genetic origins of this marijuana strain are murky and mostly unknown, cannabis enthusiasts continue to smoke and adore this bud. It probably began in California, and more than likely in the famous Humboldt region. Most people classify this strain as a sativa-dominant hybrid with 50% sativa genetics and 50% indica genetics. Not only does it have high THC levels, about 20-25% on average, but Snowcap also has a relatively high CBD content, at approximately 4%. This provides it an even more medicinally effective edge, which may help medical patients who want to use Snowcap on their road to recovery.




Snowcap provides an immediate cerebral boost that leads to delight and euphoria. The tingles begin in your head and progress to your feet, putting you in a chatty, silly mood. After a few minutes, you’ll notice that happy, giggly sensation spreading to your extremities, eventually relaxing your body into a super relaxed state. This renowned strain’s reputation stems from its larger-than-life, energetic sativa high, which motivates you without generating the anxiety that can sometimes accompany these potent buds. Snowcap is not only a terrific mood enhancer, but it is also great for increasing motivation and work ethic. This is why it is commonly used as an early morning strain; it aids in getting through the day fully productive and efficient. Those suffering from depression, anxiety, ADD/ADHD, chronic stress, and other mood disorders appear to benefit the most from this lively strain.


Snowcap’s perfume begins with the scent of fresh, energizing citrus and progresses into a medley of fruits and berries, taking over your senses with sweetness.  The perfume is incredibly fragrant, and the lemony scent lingers long after the bud is gone. Glimmers of menthol-like cooling mint, typically sweet and slightly piney, slowly emerge. These give the homely citrus an earthy yet sophisticated twist. The primary flavour upon inhalation is pine coupled with sweet citrus, which develops into a down-to-earth, fruity combination. The smoke enters your lungs smoothly, yet you’ll feel a characteristic menthol chill on the inside. Snowcap doesn’t have a subtle fragrance or flavour, so if you don’t like strong odours or tastes, it’s probably not for you.

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