Ultra Sour

This sativa-dominant flower, a mix between MK Ultra and East Coast Sour Diesel, packs a punch after just a few hits and delivers both a wonderful flavour and a fun set of effects to the table time after time. THSeeds from Amsterdam has once again developed a strain that the majority of North America finds hard to decipher. While it is a 70% sativa-dominant strain and the THC levels are at about 20% on average, the manner in which this strain strikes will make you believe it is far higher. The team at THSeeds understand cannabis and were kind enough to bless the world with this peculiar yet tasty strain, but their generosity in regards to Ultra Sour seems to end here. Seeds and clones are almost impossible to obtain, and Ultra Sour is no longer listed on their website. If this bud has set up camp in your mind and heart, finding her regularly could be a challenge that you may not be ready to accept.


All About Ultra Sour



Ultra Sour is like a lightning bolt striking your head, the cerebral effects are tremendously strong from the start. It is quite probably one of the most exquisite wake and bake buds out there. You’ll feel a powerful euphoria as well as a creeping mental stimulation that will allow you to accomplish anything you set your mind to. For the next several hours, creativity will be at an all-time high, and while some users may feel a calming vibe from head to toe, you’ll more than likely be up and running for a few hours. The one disadvantage of this bud is it’s ruthless proclivity to make you hungry, so make sure you stock up on snacks ahead of time!


Ultra Sour is ideal for medicinal patients, given its powerful potency and mind-fogging effects. With such boosts in energy and mental resilience, users suffering from anxiety and depression will find that they function much better after a few hits of this sour bud. Smokers who regularly suffer from fatigue or need extra energy after a long day shift will find solace in this energizing flower, and physical ailments such as headaches, cramps, and muscle aches can be relieved much faster than expected.

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