White Romulan

White Romulan is an incredibly popular 50/50 hybrid strain, and is the stunning result of a cross between Romulan and The White. These two potent strains were first crossed by OG Raskal Genetics, a seed bank based in California, USA. This appropriately named strain embodies Romulan’s famously intense physical effects, which is then doubled by The White’s insanely high THC levels.


All About White Romulan


Despite the fact that this hybrid is a perfect split between sativa and indica, the high produced by this flower is extremely energizing. Most people would expect mild effects from a balanced hybrid’s often conflicting effects, but White Romulan surprises us all in one way or another. As soon as this bud hits your system, expect to be taken to a whole new dimension. As your mind wanders to and from topics carelessly, your everyday struggles such as anxiety and depression seem like miniscule issues, if you even remember them, that is. With your renewed cheerful emotions, you’re likely to feel extremely happy and almost euphoric. While your mind is off exploring the far reaches of the universe, your body is extremely relaxed, straddling on sedated. You’ll be able to focus on nothing but the state of utter serenity you’re in as wave after wave of cool, comforting relief washes over your limbs.


White Romulan’s short, fluffy nugs are commonly a calm olive or forest green, with brilliant hints of warm minty tones shining through. Aside from green, users will notice bright, hairy orange pistils and a thick coating of crystal trichomes. This bud emits a classic cannabis aroma right out of the package: a pungent, earthy wood. Users with a powerful sense of taste will detect hints of fruity sweetness among the pungent, earthy flavours of the White Romulan smoke. Inexperienced users may find the White Romulan hit a bit too harsh, maybe even unpleasant. However, if you can get past the strong spicy hits, you’re in for a real treat!

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