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White Gold

White gold is a treasure in the cannabis community; it has robust THC levels and is known for providing delicious flavors with a great combination of effects. Sensitive breeders have crossed White Widow with Himalayan Gold to create a 60/40 Indica dominant hybrid. Users have extensive experience and can benefit from this strain for recreational and medical purposes.

The average THC level for white gold is about 25%. This strain’s aroma and taste are captivating, with a tropical, fruity tone accented with haze and earth. There’s a nice kick, so you’ll notice it when the diesel note exhales. Nugs are long and tend to be dark, have many dark orange pistils, and are thickly coated with sticky resin.


All About White Gold


Users have found that the effects of white gold tend to be more pronounced depending on the activity you are doing. Therefore, those who want to spend a relaxing day on the sofa will find the property of Indica to be deeply relaxing. On the other hand, some people prefer to hit white gold before starting a busy day. That’s because you can boost your energy with a focused head high.

Medicinal users love white gold, which quickly relieves stress, anxiety, and chronic body aches. People can soon eat from this strain while it is high, and overall, it provides medical patients with the key to a productive, functional, and painless day. If you suffer from fatigue, PTSD, or migraines, get ready to spend your typical day again!

Home cannabis growers will find that this strain is relatively easy to grow at home, with a few minor exceptions. The music tends to produce great plants and clones. The buds give off a powerful odor, so choose your growing environment carefully. Large harvests are usually made after a 7-9 week flowering cycle.

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