White Russian

White Russian is no longer just a novelty cocktail; it is a potent hybrid strain that utilizes the famous genetics. Initially produced by the Dutch seed bank Serious Seeds, the White Russian is a hybrid of the Sativa-dominated AK47 and the infamous and influential Sativa White Widow. These building blocks give the White Russians a powerful and reflective head high. The strain won first place in the overall best category at the 1996 High Time Cannabis Cup, and it’s not hard to understand why. White Russians should impress those who try her with a consistently high THC composition of 20-25%.


All About White Russian

White Russian sprouts tend to be small to medium in size. The structure of the buds is typical of Sativa strains. The leaves are pale green and can be covered with moderate to downright frosty trichomes, like the parent white widow, depending on the phenotype of the individual plant. When properly cured, the buds mix with a moist, earthy scent and sweet citrus (inherited from the AK47, which has a sweet and floral aftertaste). It fits—various Asian and South American native strains in their genetics. The buds have a more chunky, slightly spicy scent when burned.

Highs from this strain are almost immediately felt. Users report that they are quickly energized, motivated, and able to work more clearly than confused. This high can be accompanied by euphoria and emotional well-being. Despite the genetics of some indica, this strain has a little physical effect, but like other cannabis strains, frequent use can cause couch locks and drowsiness. White Russian’s powerful head highs are effective in treating anxiety and depression. It is also beneficial for users with attention deficit disorder.

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