White Gorilla

White Gorilla

Greenlife Seeds’ White Gorilla is a potent bud that mixes Gorilla Glue #4 with White Fire Alien OG (dubbed Wifi Alien OG), creating chocolate kissed, indica-dominant hybrid that calms as well as uplifts. White Gorilla is a 60/40 indica-leaning hybrid split, with the best effects from both sides of the coin. It may appear too good to be accurate, but we guarantee that this is real life.

Be prepared to be blown away with a crazy high THC percentage, sometimes hitting above 25%. These delicious buds are dark green and dark, with orange hair and aromas of chocolate and wood. This incredible flavor profile fits the palette beautifully with deeper chocolate funk and sweetness on the tongue. Enjoy the scent of this slow, smooth burning bud, as the smoke will make it even more enjoyable.


All About White Gorilla


The high from White Gorilla is as appealing as its flavors, indica-forward and soothing, with smooth waves of pleasure that hit right away. As the serenity rises and falls for hours, ease into your high with grace. This long-lasting buzz travels from the core to the limbs and back again, leaving you feeling invigorated and even creative. This stage is perfect for artists starting new projects and social butterflies who love being in the crowd. Medicinally, this strain is ideal for muscle spasms, chronic pain, headaches, and muscle tension. This is due to the White Gorilla’s subtle sedative properties and its speculated CBD content. Try this strain to relieve depression, bipolar disorder, stress, social anxiety, and even mild PTSD symptoms for mood disorders and mental health problems. It can improve your mood and put your energy where you need it most. The common indica properties of this strain are great for calming the nerves and settling in at home after a long day.

White Gorilla is an excellent evening, or nighttime strain since the energy from the high dissipates into a relaxing night’s sleep. But, before you get there, experience how this social bud relieves your stress and leaves you feeling rejuvenated and creative for hours. As you descend, your joy fades into a peaceful, relaxing sleep.

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