White Ice

White Ice is a hybrid cannabis strain resulting from breeding three different parent strains. WhiteLabelSeeds, a company owned by SensiSeeds, created this strain by crossing Northern Lights, Dutch Skunk, and a particular Afghan hash plant. However, few people have tried this strain, probably because it is difficult to find in dispensaries. However, those who have tried this strain are often impressed with the powerful effects, despite the THC (17%) and CBD (<1%) levels.

All About White Ice


White Ice can be difficult sometimes to find online. This is what we know about the strain. White ice buds are mint or seafoam green with a thick layer of pistils and off-white trichomes. Buds may have an intense body high due to their hybrid nature and genetics. This strain is suitable for the evening, as the solid indica high usually induces couch locks. From information about the strain’s parents, it can be concluded that the music is likely to be suitable for medical and recreational users suffering from chronic stress, pain, anxiety, depression, insomnia, and loss of appetite. If you are a medical cannabis patient who relies on CBD products to treat severe conditions like seizures, you may want to avoid white rice. CBD is present in most available white ice, but its concentration is not considered to have significant medicinal properties. It has higher THC and lower CBD.

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