Wonka’s Bubblicious

Wonka’s Bubblicious is a satisfying, unique, and flavorful hybrid strain. This 70/30 sativa hybrid is very famous for its easy-to-remember (and quite silly) name and the powerful effects that come with. The identity of the original breeder of this strain is unfortunately, a mystery to many. Still, the cannabis community has collectively agreed that Wonka’s Bubblicious is the delicious result of a cross between Pandora’s Box and Querkle. These two strains are very distinct and noteworthy on their own, so it stands to reason that their offspring would be a truly fantastic bud. Wonka’s Bubblicious is a strain we recommend using during the day, its heady Sativa effects and average 20% THC can often be too much to handle in the evening when you’re trying to wind down for bed.




As soon as these forest-green buds are broken up, the aroma seems to explode and radiate throughout the room almost immediately. Expect your home to smell like fruity berries and sweet bubblegum with a hint of skunky diesel for the next few hours or so. The flavour is also extremely potent, which is more than likely what gave the strain its sweet name. Stoners all over the world report that Wonka’s Bubblicious has a strong nostalgic bubblegum flavour that will bring you back to your childhood, roll of bubbletape-gum in hand.


The high from Wonka’s Bubblicious, like most sativa-dominant hybrids, starts with a powerful head rush that leaves the smoker in a euphoric daze. The haze from the initial onset will fade quickly, and following that, any tasks left on your to-do list will be completed with crystal-clear focus. This flower’s indica nature also provides a cool and calming body buzz that is sure to alleviate any mild pains that are continuing to keep you from doing your daily activities. Unlike most sativa-dominant hybrids, this sweet strain is often recommended for those who tend to get anxious or don’t exactly enjoy the effects that come from a sativa, as the indica side of Wonka’s Bubblicious balances out the high quite nicely. It’s also a common wake-and-bake strain, as the high’s boost in creative energy can be exactly what you need to get up and get going for the day.

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